We believe that the four pillars of our practice are,

Excellence in Medical Care which is achieved by acquiring thorough knowledge in our area of expertise and diligently applying it for patient care. The Doctor and the Nurse Practitioner are all Board Certified.

Easy Availability of doctor and nurses to the patient. Most of the working days we will be able to see our patients within 24hrs of their request for a non-routine appointment. One of our providers will be on call 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. We can be reached through our exchange for emergency healthcare needs. One of us will talk to you and guide you in proper direction.

Personal Approach is one of our important goals. Patient will be treated like a friend or family member right from the moment they enter the office till they leave. Any of their health care needs will be promptly taken care of thereafter. We are very passionate about taking care of elderly and we have many patients older than 80 years of age. All of our team members take whatever time is needed to understand our patient’s health care needs and to make them understand their treatment plan and how to get their tests done. Our average number of patients seen by each provider is about 12 patients a day which leaves plenty of time for each patient.

Teamwork is essential in providing excellent medical care. This is achieved only by including patient as the most important team member. We will educate patients about all their medical problems so they will understand why they are taking their medications and the importance of taking them regularly. We will also educate them why regular checkups are important. We implement all preventive measures because we believe in “prevention is better than cure.”

Our Team
K. R. Chadalawada, M.D.
• Prajakta Mungikar, M.D.
• Robin Townsend, Office Coordinator
• Daniella Ellis, FNP-BC
• Jillian Ethridge-Brown, FNP-BC

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