Requirements for Immigration Physical

Neisseria Gonorrhoeae (Testing for Gonorrhea) Click for details
RPR (Syphilis Testing) Click for details

Tetanus:  $30.00
MMR:  $90.00
Pneumonia: (65 and over)  $100.00
Flu: (October 1- March 31)  $25.00

During the physical you will need to complete medication, medical history forms and review of
symptoms. Your vital signs will be obtained at the visit. Civil Surgeons will discuss any communicable
diseases that you may have or had in the past during this visit.

If you do not have proof of your past vaccines:

MMR, Tetanus, Pneumonia, and Flu are provided for you at cost listed above.

Varicella is required if you do not have a history of Chicken Pox. If you do not know if you had them in
the past, we can run an additional blood test to check your titers to see if you have the antibodies in
your system. We do not need proof of chicken pox if you know you had them. If titer comes back
negative, you will be required to obtain Varicella vaccine at an additional cost.

We will need to obtain a blood and urine sample at the time of your physical. We will test for syphilis
and gonorrhea and Tuberculosis. If positive result is received, you will need treatment; treatment will be
provided at an additional cost to you. If requested you may be treated by your Primary Care Physician
and will need to show proof of treatment and negative test result. If civil surgeon suspects drug use, a
urine drug test will be performed. If positive for Tuberculosis a chest x-ray will need to be performed,
this will be at an additional cost to you.

After all testing is completed we will have the packet completed and ready meeting all USCIS guidelines.